Good nutrition and fitness reduce the risk of caesarean section

Healthy eating and gestation during pregnancy is not only good for the growing fetus. It also reduces the likelihood of a caesarean section or gestational diabetes, according to a review published in the BMJ journal.

A London-based Queen Mary University team led by Sakila Thangaratinam, a professor of Parent and Perinatal Health, evaluated data from 36 previously published studies totaling over 12,500 women.

Habits, such as healthy eating and gymnastics, reduced the need for cesarean section by about 10% and 24% the risk of developing gestational diabetes. They also limited the likelihood of overweight during pregnancy.

“Based on all the information available so far, healthy eating and moderate physical exercise during pregnancy reduce the risk of the woman getting a lot of weight and this benefit affects all pregnant women regardless of their pregnancy weight,” explains Dr. Thangaratinam .

Although it is difficult to define just the healthy diet or what we mean by modest physical exercise during pregnancy, the researcher adds that in general women should be encouraged to eat a lot fiber, fish and olive oil and avoid sugar beverages. Good form of exercise is considered static bike, swimming and muscle stimulation exercises.

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