The delitas company combines ingredients with new and interesting ways. We use quality materials, carefully selected, and create recipes that are different from each other and ideal for meals or appetizers.

Quality is a constant requirement in modern life. The customers-consumers want to be supplied with high quality products and services. When the term “quality” refers to food, it refers to the properties of foods, which make them appealing and acceptable to the consumer. Among the quality factors are the organoleptic factors (color, texture, taste, odor, size, shape) and other non-obvious but very important factors such as nutritional value, health status and safety. The latter is a very basic parameter, especially in the case of a ready-to-eat food.

Our quality control, which aims to produce a food that meets a predetermined and stable quality level, is applied to our laboratory in three stages:

1. On raw materials.
2. During the production process.
3. In the final product.

As our products are chilled and ready for immediate consumption, without heating or otherwise (eg. microwaves), the olive oil and the natural lemon juice play a key role in preserving the original flavor. The high quality of the olive oil (extra virgin olive oil) is the prerequisite in our selection of producers/standardizers, including the VOLIOTIS family, whose cold-pressed olive oil was recently awarded in an olive oil competition.

The following rules apply to the control of raw materials:

1. We select the raw materials to which strict control is applied, through appropriate microbiological and other controls made by our suppliers themselves.

The main raw material for a product is the one which provides the particular character and not necessarily the one with the highest proportion.

In the particular food category we produce, the products that give that character are the fish and the sea aromatics.

We procure fish from the best Greek producers: TRIKALINOS sardines, tuna fish from Kalymnos (“Panagia Ypapanti” Women Cooperative), smoked trout from “Simonis Bros.”, herring and mackerel from EDESMA in Thessaloniki.

The algae are basically supplied by the ALGAMAR company located in Galicia, northern Spain, which produces them in a biological way, while the Crithmum maritimum is of Greek origin, cultivated on the shores of the Ionian Sea.

The use of raw materials in the production process is only permitted when they meet the predefined criteria of quality control.

2. During the production and packaging process of the final product, the HACCP system is strictly followed and

3. The quality and safety of the final product is certified each year by means of analytical microbiological controls in certified food laboratories.