The company producing the delitas ready-to eat meals and the accompanying Galeta galeta  snack is RESONEM IKE, a family business created in late 2014. Its main activities are the production of new, healthy and innovative recipes, albeit familiar to the Mediterranean food tradition.

Our modern facilities meet all the sanitary and food safety standards. We have installed the HACCP food quality assurance system in the company, and we are particularly committed to its rigorous implementation.


In the context of the implementation of the new nutritional rules aimed at combating obesity and metabolic diseases, as well as the strengthening of the agricultural sector with crops that contribute to the production of quality food-raw materials, Greece is trying to increase the area production of legumes with taste and quality. Most of the legumes in our recipes are Greek and we will try to strengthen this even further in the future. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the vast majority of our suppliers and other raw materials are Greek companies.


Our vision is to create a dynamic and sustainable company, embraced by the people working with it or co-operating in different ways, but all contributing to the end-result. Within the company, creative exchange of views and rigorous control of production processes, along with ongoing employee training in HACCP, ensure the correct, healthy and timely production of finished products.

The company aims to raise the standards in the production of ready-to-eat standard meals / food in Greece with high quality, optimal value for money, based mainly on Greek raw materials and packacing with environmentally friendly materials.