Greece has always been a country with a competitive advantage in gastronomic culture. In this direction, our company by producing, standardizing and packaging its product, aims at consumers informed and open to new tasteful quests.

Our delitas products, first of all delicious and healthy, can satisfy the young consumers who love the famous Greek/Mediterranean diet with some special touches.

The delitas meals can satisfy the working mothers who want their family to taste nutritious ingredients that may find difficult for everyday cooking. With our products, family nutrition is enriched with a range of flavors based on high nutritional raw materials combined with aromatic herbs of the earth and sea algae.

Τhe delitas meals can also satisfy people who are working out, offering a strengthening and rich flavor of proteins and good fat.

Finally, for all those who watch their diet, delitas are a very nutritious and tasteful meal, but at the same time, with low glycemic index and sugars.

Special groups, professionals, and/or institutions that we are addressing for B2B cooperation:


– Stores selling healthy food products.

– Catering companies with special package-deals.

– Cafes or canteens in gyms, training grounds, swimming pools.

– Canteens in work areas.

– Dieticians and nutritionists.

– Groups with special dietary menus (vegetarians who have fish in their diet, diabetics, etc.).

– Groups following religious traditions (Koscher, Halal).

– A special pricing policy applies to schools. In an effort to address the issue of “Child Obesity”, delitas wants to build a special relationship with these places.