Lentils with herring


Ingredients: Lentils, smoked herring, spring onion, olive oil, lemon, red roasted pepper, Cornichon cucumber, Wakame seaweed, dill, salt, pepper.

This delitas recipe is a beautiful and complete meal based on Greek lentils from Farsala, garnished with spring onion rings, red peppercorn, olives and small cucumbers. The fresh dill flavors the recipe with a Mediterranean scent. The strong marine aroma is offered by the herring smoked fillet and the addition of the wakame seaweed.


You can accompany your meal with the Galeta galeta snack, made by delitas with rye flour. The dish is then very tasty, delicious and even healthier!

The following table provides Nutritional Information for 100 grams of the Lentils with smoked herring and Wakame seaweed meal of delitas. We remind that the delitas meals are available at 200 gram packages (net weight).

Nutritional information Unit Per 100g % RI*
Energy kJ
Proteins g 6,7 29,8
Carbohydrates g 10,6 9,2
  Of which sugars g 0,6 1,3
Fats g 7,5 21,4
  Of which saturated g 1,32 13,2
Salt g 1,6 53,3
Fiber g 6,1 50,8

* Reference Intake of the average adult (2000 kcal / 8400 kJ)