Ingredients: Wheat flour, rye flour, olive oil, fresh yeast, sea salt, Kombu seaweed, Dulse seaweed, white pepper.

An original and healthy cracker, either accompanying the meals, used as a spoon giving them an extra taste, or consumed as a snack in the hours of relaxation along with a drink or juice.


Rich in wheat flour, rye flour, olive oil and seaweed, this cracker is an innovative nutritional proposition. By adding the brown Kombu and the red Dulse seaweed as a substitute for salt, the Galeta galeta snack becomes more nutritious, healthy and delicious. Also more interesting visually!

The following table provides the nutritional information for 100 grams of the Galeta galeta product of delitas, i.e. this is the net weight of the package in which it is distributed.

Nutritional information Unit Per 100g % RI*
Energy kJ
Proteins g 10,0 20,0
Carbohydrates g 64,0 24,6
  Of which sugars g 1,9 2,1
Fats g 14,5 20,7
  Of which saturated g 2,1 10,5
  Of which mono-unsaturated g 10,15
  Of which poly-unsaturated g 2,28
Salt g 0,15 2,5
Fiber g 5,8 23,2

* Reference Intake of the average adult (2000 kcal / 8400 kJ)