Delitas “QUINOA WITH TROUT” won a two-star award in Great Taste 2019 contest


Since its inception, Delitas has been aiming to produce and standardize ready-to-eat meals with high nutritional value and quality.

Keeping in mind the contemporary views on the dangers of over-consumption of meat and carbohydrates and οn promoting food that has low glycaemic index, many proteins, and strong Mediterranean identity, we have offered to the Greek consumer a range of recipes based on these characteristics.

This year Delitas participated for the first time with “Quinoa with smoked trout and sea spaghetti seaweed” in the Great Taste competition, which takes place every year in the UK and is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards.

Putting a food or drink under the judgment of a panel of more than 500 experts is a quick way to get honest, straightforward and impartial feedback from chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers. One, two or three star Great Taste awards are highly respected seals of acceptance.


On August 1, 2019, “Quinoa with smoked trout and sea spaghetti seaweed” was awarded a two-star award in the Great Taste 2019 contest. It is worth noting the observations of the three judges:

Judge 1: Interesting concept in combining flavours. The resulting product, not a pate, but a mix of interesting and flavourful ingredients. The fish is well-flaked and tasty, and the lemon sauce is a balanced way of creating a harmony of flavours and textures. The quinoa is well-cooked, the the sea spaghetti alga gives a taste of the sea, but does not overpower Where the texture could be a bit gelatinous, in fact they all work well together and present a tasty and good combination. The seasoning is also right and balanced, making a really good addition to the ‘light meal’ category.

Judge 2: A very interesting pot filled with quinoa and packed with other flavours too. There are smoky notes from the fish, salty sea spaghetti and sweet notes from a creamy sauce, dill and a very clean finish.

Judge 3: Lovely aroma from the fish and smoke. Looks appealing. Moist mixture with textural interest. Fresh, creamy and clean on the palate. Each ingredient plays its part and makes up a whole that works in harmony. Lovely length, a food that satisfies.

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